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The mission of MONTKUSH.

MONTKUSH float at the Old Home Days Parade | Photo by John Chapple

In implementing our vision to create a pure product for Devon, we recognized the need of so many others for a trusted quality brand. At MONTKUSH, our mission is to assist the industry as a whole and support by giving back in areas that help us grow. We follow the pillars of transparency through education, support through research, and contribution through donation.

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Chief Purpose Officer

Ethan Zohn on MONTKUSH – Photo by John Chapple
Ethan Zohn on MONTKUSH – Photo by John Chapple

Ethan Zohn

Ethan Zohn, one of our investors, has offered to be our Chief Purpose Officer to take the lead working with these programs to help educate the public and support the industry. He will also represent MONTKUSH with other charitable organizations that best align with our overall purpose and goal. Ethan is the founder of two non-profit organizations and, through his community involvement, works toward a better and healthier world with education, advocacy, and inspiration. We are excited to have him in a larger role at MONTKUSH.

Ethan Zohn is a humanitarian, speaker, and television host; former professional soccer player; cancer survivor; and advocate. Ethan was the hit TV show winner, CBS’s Survivor: Africa, and on season 40 of Survivor: Winners at War. He is an author and co-founder of the global non-profits Grassroot Soccer and Safe Roots Foundation. A 20-year relationship with MONTKUSH founders led Ethan to be a champion and ambassador of MONTKUSH. Ethan heads up our company’s mission to champion research, community outreach, and education for CBD and cannabis. Through his humanitarian work and community involvement, he has found purpose and believes that a healthier world population can be achieved through education, advocacy, and inspiration.

In 2009, as an active, 35-year-old former pro soccer player who traveled the world, Ethan became an unlikely face of cancer. Diagnosed twice with CD20+ Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Ethan endured years of aggressive treatment, including two stem cell transplants. Never losing optimism, spirit, or humor despite extraordinary rigors and setbacks, Ethan used his journey and platform to connect with others – young adults in particular – and offer much-needed inspiration, advice, and comfort. An advocate of cannabis as a huge part of his recovery, Ethan has become part of MONTKUSH to embrace CBD as a part of his everyday life.

In finding healing through cannabis, Ethan founded Safe Roots Foundation: Supporting a new wave in teenage drug misuse prevention. Safe Roots Foundation supports positive youth development programs that offer healthy alternatives to drug misuse and move the needle in reducing harmful substance use. Ethan also founded Grassroot Soccer (GRS), an adolescent health organization that leverages the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize at-risk youth in developing countries to overcome their greatest health challenges and be agents for change in their communities. To date, the organization has reached over 13 million youth in over 60 countries with critical health information, access to health services, and mentorship.

Photo: CBS Ltd, all right reserved.
Photo: CBS Ltd, all right reserved.

As demonstrated by his charitable work with various global health and wellness organizations and community involvement, Ethan believes his inspiration to help heal the world stems from being taught the importance of kindness, community, and a connection to social goodness at an early age.

We champion causes that are important to our founding team and help our broader goal.


Charitable Foundations


Safe Roots Foundation

Founded by our Chief Purpose Officer, Safe Roots Foundation supports positive youth development programs that offer healthy alternatives to drug misuse and truly move the needle in reducing harmful substance use. For more information, please go to


First Descents

First Descents is a recognized leader in outdoor experiential programming. Through outdoor adventures, skills development, and local adventure communities First Descents improves the long-term survivorship of young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. For more information, please go to

Photo: Pelotonia–
Photo: Pelotonia–


Our team is proud to have collectively participated in 5 years of rides for an organization raising over 200 million for cancer research. Learn about the incredible foundation here, join our team or donate to the ride!


Research & Education

Photo: Cornelle–
Photo: Cornelle–

Cornell University

MONTKUSH is working in conjunction with Cornell University School of Integrative Plant Science to identify optimum soil nutrient loads to improve frost resistance of certain strains of industrial hemp. 

MONTKUSH Co-Founder David Christian has been tapped as a guest lecturer for the Hemp Science program to discuss practical applications of various biomass harvesting, handling, drying, processing, and solventless extraction methods.

We truly appreciate this partnership to help in the effort to educate farmers and future professionals in this field.


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