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“I became an investor in a farm… that’s called MONTKUSH… I moved up there this past summer when I got back from Survivor and I lived on the farm and did everything a farmer would do.”


Anthony Sullivan… teamed up with a friend, Dave Christian, to buy a 116-acre organic hemp farm… Their brand, MONTKUSH, is available now."


Sullivan, who has run a successful business from his home in St Petersburg, Florida, teamed up with business partner David Christian, bought 75,000 seeds, and launched MONTKUSH…


MONTKUSH, was born out of Sullivan’s curiosity and need to find a replacement for the powerful drugs his 8-year-old daughter, Devon, had been taking to manage symptoms of a rare genetic disorder…


Here are just a few features that make
MONTKUSH rosin oil unique.


Chemical Free

We don't use any chemicals to extract the rosin from our hemp flower. Our chemical-free extraction method produces a honey-like substance that is pure rosin. We obtain this rosin using only pressure and low heat.


Full Spectrum

The rosin we obtain through our chemical-free process is "full spectrum." Meaning that the rosin contains a variety of extracts that, when put together, can provide a much more comprehensive effect.


3rd Party Lab Tested

Third-party lab testing is when a private party not affiliated with the manufacturer or distributor performs a product's scientific analysis. All of our Oils are 3rd party lab tested. Follow the link here to find our COA archive.


From Organic Hemp

In Vermont, we grow all the premium quality Certified Organic hemp used in our product. Organic Certification in Vermont certifies farmers and processors to the NOP standards, ensuring that producers achieve all organic certification requirements.

We are there every step of the way,
from seed to bottle to your doorstep.


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